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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Emu Oil

Looking for emu oil and want to know how to choose the best kind?

Many people are becoming more aware of the health benefits of these natural oils. It’s been proven to improve skin tone, reduce inflammation and enhance skin healing.

I’ve been using it for a number of years and have tried a number of different brands from assorted manufacturers and ranches. I don’t consider myself an expert, but can pass on what I’ve learned from trying many different products.

Three Rules to Choosing the Best Emu Oils


1. Choose 100% Pure, Fully-Refined Oils:
  • Fully-refined oils are usually processed with high temperatures to reduce the amount of bacteria, toxic metals and other contaminants.

  • Higher purity levels means you can use these oils for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and/or dietary supplement use.

  • Research studies have proven the effectiveness of 100% pure, fully-refined oils. Products of lesser quality cannot guarantee the same effectiveness or quality.

  • In North America, the American Emu Association certifies fully-refined oils:

    • Farms that have AEA-certified products usually practice humane and environmentally-friendly farming.
    • Oils certified by the AEA are considered to be the highest quality for personal use.
2. Choose Products from Organic Farms:
  • Organically-raised emus are farmed in a safe and humane way which reduces exposure to steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones which can contaminate the oil.

3. Check Ingredient Labels on Products Claiming to Contain these Oils:
  • You can find these oils in skin care lotions, shampoos and soaps. Always ask, “How much actual active ingredient is in this product?” A general rule of thumb is that ingredient labels usually list the highest concentrated ingredient first in order on the list.

  • If you buy emu oil soap and you see emu oils listed at the very end of the ingredient list, it’s most likely the soap contains minimal amounts of emu oil.

  • Higher quality products usually provide an ingredient list that use ample amounts of this active ingredient in their formulations.

Review of Popular Emu Oils

There are a number of high quality products to choose from. Since much of the industry is self-regulated, your best bet is to purchase products that have been through some sort of certification process to check for purity and quality.

Below are reviews and information on some popular emu oils from various farms and emu suppliers:


Thunder Ridge Emu Products
  • This is one of my favorites recognized by the American Emu Association (AEA) Certified Program. They’re made by Mary Geller on a 30 acre farm outside Manassas, Virginia. Mary practices organic farming and doesn’t use any antibiotics or drugs on her emus.

  • You can learn more in my review of Thunder Ridge emu oil.

  • Here’s a variety of thunder ridge emu oil available at


Four Star Emu Oils
  • This is another high quality oil that’s produced by 4 Star Emu Ranch.

  • 4 Star Emu Ranch is owned and operated by Larry Sharp in Kansas. He’s been farming emus since 1995 and is a member of the American Emu Association and Kansas Emu Association.

  • His emus are farmed in open grasslands and grains and he produces some of the most healthiest organic oils in North America.

  • I’ve been using 4 Star Emu Oils for a few years and it’s another one of my favorite skin care products. I find it has a nice creamy texture that really helps moisturize and nourish my skin.


Country Divine (LB Processors)
  • Country Divine produces a number of different grades of oil.

  • All of their products are AEA Certified and they sell an Ultra, Ultra Clear, Regular and a solid/creamy oil.

  • Prices start from about $5 for 1/4 ounce to $28 for 4 ounces. You can also get gel caps, skin lotions, joint creams and pet care products.

  • You can find Country Divine at


Willow Springs Emu Oils
  • Willow Springs is produced by at Outback Emuzing Ranch on Vancouver Island, Canada.

  • This is another AEA-Certified emu oil containing no mineral oils or by-products.

  • Willow Springs offers regular oils, lip balms, pain creams, soaps and body lotions and their oils start at $10 for 30 ml to 240 ml for $49.

  • Willow Springs products are available from


Emuse Emu Oils (Australia)
  • This is an Australian oil product that’s certified 100% purified and meets requirements by the Australian
    Standardized Specifications for Emu Oil.

  • All of their products are made 100% in Australia and you can choose from oils, eye creams, hair products, pet shampoos and more.

  • Prices range from $17 for 50 ml to 1 liter for $100. Shipping is from Australia and based on weight. I’ve ordered from them for delivery to Canada and a 50 ml bottle took about 2 weeks for delivery.

  • Visit to learn more about their products.

“Search for more Emu Oil Products at”

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