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My Review of Dr. Barry Sears Fish Oil Supplements

Dr Barry Sears Fish OilDr. Barry Sears fish oil (also called Zone Lab fish oil concentrates) are pharmaceutical-grade, ultra refined, omega 3 fatty acid concentrates.

Who is Dr. Sears? He’s the creator of the popular Zone Diet. While doing research in developing his weight loss program, he created a unique formula of omega 3 supplements that he believes will boost athletic performance, accelerate weight loss and improve your health.

What separates Dr. Barry Sears fish oil from some other fish oils is they provide over 60% of the omega 3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is almost double the amount of omega 3 fatty acids found in many store-bought brands.


Do You Need a High Concentration Omega 3 Supplement?

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fats your body needs for cellular support, hormonal balance and heart health. Unfortunately, your body can’t make these types of healthy fats, so you need to get them from your diet for optimal health.

Fish and fish oil supplements happen to be one of the best natural sources of omega 3 fatty acids.  The higher the omega 3 fatty acid concentration in your fish oil supplement, the greater the amount of omega 3 fatty acids you’ll be putting into your body.

 You’ll find that the majority of standard fish oil supplements will provide about 30% EPA and DHA,  with the remainder of the product being made up of fish filler.   So for example, a 1000 mg. generic fish oil capsule may provide you with about 300 mg. of EPA and DHA combined.

The recommended fish oil dosage from many scientific groups is a minimum 500 mg. of EPA and DHA per day.  So if you’re using a general fish oil supplement that comes as a 1000 mg soft gel that provides a 30% omega 3 fatty acid concentration of EPA and DHA, you could simply take 2 or more of those 1000 mg soft gels a day to get an average omega 3 fatty acid concentration of about 500 – 600 mg in order to meet the minimum recommended dosage.

However, if you have certain health requirements that demand a higher amount of omega 3 fatty acids, you may want to look at using a high concentration omega 3 fatty acid supplement, such as Dr. Barry Sear’s fish oils.

Dr. Sears fish oil soft gels provide up to 60% omega 3 fatty acid concentrations.    Each single dosage gives you 400 mg. of EPA and 200 mg. of DHA per 1000 mg soft gel.


How Pure are Zone Lab Fish Oil Supplements?

These products are reported to be highly-purified and tested by the International Fish Oil Standards to provide at least 60% omega 3 concentrations while meeting the acceptable standards for mercury, PCB’s and other contaminants.

Dr. Sears has also added sesame oil concentrates to his formulas which he believes helps protect the omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, from oxidizing.

In the following video, Dr. Barry Sears explains the importance of omega 3 fatty acids and they help fight inflammation and enhance cellular health:






A Closer Look at Dr. Sears Fish Oil Product Line

Omega RX

• This is one of his most popular omega 3 fatty acid concentrates that provides 40% concentration of EPA and DHA.

• I would consider this a good choice for someone seeking general health benefits from using omega 3 fatty acids.

• The suggested serving size is 4 capsules a day which provides 4000 mg. of fish oil concentrate yielding 1600 mg of EPA and 800 mg of DHA.

• It comes in 60, 120 and 240 capsules per bottle; and it’s also available as an 8 ounce liquid.

• One teaspoon of the Omega RX liquid provides about 1800mg of EPA and 900 mg of DHA;  this is actually one of the highest concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids seen in an omega 3 concetrate.

• 120 capsules is a 30 day supply (4 capsules a day). Suggested Retail Price is $61.95 a bottle or $49.56 if you get it on automatic re-order (auto-ship) from Dr. Sears’ website. You can also get Dr. Sears OmegaRx  at


Eico RX

• This product contains the same amount of EPA and DHA concentrates used in Omega Rx; the only difference is the addition of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Dr. Sears claims the GLA helps boost your body’s anti-inflammatory response, while also providing anti-aging benefits.

• Available in 120 capsules (30 day supply @ $61.95 bottle) and 8 oz. liquids (45 day supply @ $90.95 bottle).

• It costs about $2.07 per day (capsules) and $2.02 per day (liquid). At this price point, it’s almost the same price per day as the OmegaRX, except you get the added Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).


Eico Pro

• Dr Sears claims he created this product for athletes that are involved in intense physical training.

• It provides one of the highest amounts of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), along with identical amounts of EPA and DHA found in the Omega RX.

• Dr. Sears recommends  this product for anyone requiring a maximum anti-inflammatory response due to intense training sessions. If you’re a professional athlete, or involved in rigorous and frequent exercise training sessions, this may be the product for you.

• Available in 8 oz. liquid (45 day supply @ $99.95 bottle) and 120 capsules (30 day supply @ $71.95 bottle).

• At these prices, it costs $2.22 per day (liquid) and $2.40 per day (capsules). If you’re a hard training athlete, these may be the supplements you need for maximum recovery from your work outs.


Is it Worth it to Buy Dr. Barry Sear’s Fish Oils?

So why would you want to pay $50 to $100 for a bottle of Barry Sears fish oil when you could go to your local discount superstore and buy a bottle of generic brand fish oils for about $20?

I believe the main reason for the price difference is the high amount of omega 3 fatty acids you’ll get from using these products.  

If you look at the actual price per gram of EPA and DHA, you may find that it’s actually less expensive using Dr. Sears fish oils because you would have to take many more multiple dosages of a lower priced generic fish oil to match the high omega 3 fatty acid concentrations you’d get from a single dosage of Dr. Sear’s omega 3 concentrates.

I think the final decision will be based on what your specific health needs are and what you want to gain from using a certain type of fish oil or omega 3 concentrate.

You used to be able to find Barry Sears’ fish oils on some of the major online retailers, like, but it appears the only place you can find them now is on Dr. Sear’s website,

You should know that Dr. Sears is not the only one who’s created a high concentration omega 3 fatty acid supplement.  There are other companies that have also produced high concentration, molecularly-distilled fish oil supplements.  

For example, I found this company called Omapure that produces an omega 3 fatty acid concentrate that provides almost 75% omega 3 fatty acids in a highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade distilled fish oil.  It’s produced in the USA and I believe their supplements are almost identical to the Dr. Sears Omega Rx formulation but at very competitive prices.

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