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Meet Your Web Host

Meet Your Web Host

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Hi, My name is Kevin (learn more about me here) and welcome to this site.

As Editor and Reporter for, I've researched the health benefits of natural oils and tried to present you the most accurate and current information for enhancing your health with these products.

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This is one of the best sites I have visited regarding nutritional health; honest opinion and it appears good research with great recommendations where to find the best supplements discussed. Thanks for your work.

Jim B.

From Weight-loss to Well-being: Natural Oil Extracts and What They Do

Although we live in a world where medical technology continues to advance, there is no denying the fact that some of the most effective products for health and well-being are not those that are artificially manufactured by chemists in a science lab, but those that come from Mother Nature herself.

Using natural remedies is not a fad. Plant extracts, natural medicines and oil extracts have been used over the centuries for one simple reason: When you use the right ones, they can work wonders for you.


Why Healthy Oils and What Can They Do For You?

The healing properties of many natural oils can be incredibly powerful. Many of these extracts are comprised of powerful volatile compounds proven in the lab to eradicate bacteria, virus and fungi.

Some natural oils, such as Oil of Oregano, contain Rosmarinic acid which has been shown to prevent free radical cell damage which may lower your risk for atherosclerosis and cancer.  Rosmarinic acid has also been shown in studies to be an effective treatment for allergic asthma and antihistamine.

Using healthy oils in their refined or unrefined state can provide you with a variety of active ingredients that can have many different effects.  You can choose a specific oil to treat a a range of health conditions or treatments, such as:

  • Curing or Reducing Symptoms:    Researchers in Australia found that Tea Tree Oil works equally as well as 5% benzoyl peroxide for reducing inflamed acne lesions.   A study performed at the University in Montreal, Canada found that Neptune Krill Oil was an effective treatment for reducing PMS symptoms, as well as encouraging healthy joints and supporting normal brain and nervous system function.

    Weight-Loss:   Studies have shown that the medium chain fatty acids found in Coconut Oil can help boost the metabolism and reduce your appetite.   A study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that a daily dose of Omega 3 Fish Oil may help obese individuals lose more weight and boost their fat-burning capacity by almost 26%.

  • Health and Well-being:   It’s not just about losing weight….Many healthy oils can soften and condition your hair and skin, may lessen cold and flu symptoms and even reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease. The simple use of these natural plant oil extracts can supplement or even replace some over-the-counter medications or drugs with less side effects.


Why Some Medicines Are Being Replaced for Natural Alternatives

The key thing to remember with manufactured medicines, is they are all – in some form or another – usually based on a natural ingredient.

The difference however, is all of the artificial treatment, processing and additives that can occur before it hits the shelves for you to buy. There are many reasons why more and more people are choosing to shun artificial treatment in favor of natural oil extracts, including:

  • Nasty Side-effects: Some artifical remedies can come with negative side effects which are completely unnecessary. The body may respond more positively to natural remedies and if you use the right ones you may reduce the chances of suffering any of these effects

  • Greasy and Unpleasant: Because of all the unnatural ingredients found in many manufactured medicines, creams and lotions, sometimes it has the complete opposite effect you want. If you’ve ever used a cream which has left your skin feeling greasy and unhealthy for hours after application, you’ll understand. Some natural oil extracts can instead, leave you feeling more refreshed, healthy and rejuvenated.

  • Embarrassing Prescriptions: Many artificial ‘cures’ may require embarrassing trips to the doctor before you can be offered treatment – such as sensitive issues such as sexual health. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies which may do exactly the same thing without the need for your doctor’s approval


Learn How to Choose the Best Healthy Oil for Maximum Benefit

One of the biggest barriers to using these natural products is you may just not know where to start. Here you’ll find a comprehensive collection of popular healthy oils and their intended health benefits.  You can also read informative research studies and use unbiased Product Reviews and Buyer’s Guides to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Feel free to “Choose an Oil” from the above menu and explore the site.  Healthy Oil was created to help you learn more about the benefits of healthy oils and other natural health supplements.  Enjoy your visit and wishing you good health!

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